Welcome to I Choose Me Method: Whole Body Wellness

Hello ladies!!

I want to officially welcome you to I Choose Me Method-A Whole Body Wellness Movement.

This is where we will dig deep and dive into any and everything that makes us whole in the world of nutrition, fitness, and empowerment. ICM Method was created to educated and support women on their journey to become their authentic self. We will explore healthy lifestyles habits + hacks, delicious nourishment, and movement...slow and fast. Have you ever wanted to know how to get that onion that makes them cry or make a green smoothie that doesn't taste like grass or how to go from gym to brunch like a boss? You are in the right place. But first I challenge you to put YOU first and enjoy every bounce in your step. When you exude confident and fell good inside and out...you glow girl! You make life changes that impact the lives of others.

As a woman it's in our genes to nurture and take care of others...but who's taking care of you?

I Choose Me Method is here to help you CHOOSE YOU.

There's Nourishment where we is dive into establishing a healthy relationship with self and food. With new recipes constantly being added, we can enjoy practicing mindful eating, meal planning + prepping, and watching your waistline shrink.

There's Movement where whether you want to sweat it out or do active recovery...I got you. Movement shares everything from at-home workouts to fitness apps to boutique studios to strength training to what's in your gym bag. 

Then there's Lifestyle where we recognize whole body wellness starts in the brain and the heart. De-cluttering the mind, setting goals, having a vision is all part of taking the first steps. Knowing "what" and having the tools to "do". ICM Method discusses everything from green beauty, sacred spaces, and essential oils. I will share stories of every day women who empowered themselves and made a difference in their own life while sharing the tools on how they made it happen.

Be prepared to be empowered, supported and transformed into YOU.

See you on the other side.