Have you ever felt like if there was a little bit more...you could do it?

If you had a little bit more time, energy, support...you could finally go to the gym, cook a healthy meal, lose that last few pounds. As a Holistic Health Coach and Fitness Instructor, I've been there. It took me hitting what I felt like rock bottom in my health journey that made me turn my life around. I mean I had all this training, experience and I knew better but something was missing. I wasn't have fun anymore (i.e. living), my gut health was all out of wack, I would get out of bed and my body was swollen and ached like nothing I had experienced before. I was losing my hair, had no energy, and was feeling lost.

I Choose Me started as a journey to get my life and health back in order. I got into to fitness and wellness to make a difference and work with women just like me...trying to find themselves in a world that didn't see them as women anymore. We had become moms, wives, career-driven, besties...we gave everything of ourselves for the betterment of the masses. What about the betterment of YOU?

If you are not your best you, you cant be your best for anyone. ICM Method focuses on whole body wellness: nutrition, fitness + you. You deserve to live the healthiest + happiest life possible...together we can.

xo Debrina

Official Bio

After spending 20 years working in entertainment, finance and education, Debrina decided to get professional training to become a Holistic Health Coach and work with women who wanted to live healthier lives.

She attended The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Holistic Health Coach and never looked back. As an IIN Holistic Lifestyle Coach, she works with women to help them find balance with passion, goals, and living a balanced and fit life. She’s also a Cize Live Instructor who dances to the tune of living a fit life and changing the lives of many women. After obtaining the first two certifications, she became hooked on helping and since then has become a Certified Personal Trainer, Professional Speaker, and a Personal Fitness Chef.

Her mission is to inspire + motivate women to exist AND own the life they were born to breathe. She’s believe that everyone should be happy + healthy in mind, body, heart, and soul. 

Debrina currently lives in Southern Cali where she enjoys the hunt for fish tacos, brunch, beaches, and dancing her way to the healthiest life ever.

Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning.
— Oprah Winfrey

May I Take Care Of You?

The philosophy of ICM Method...is training your mind, body + spirit to choose YOU. Through learning new habits, you be able to listen and honor your body through nourishment, movement + healthy habits.

Understanding how environment, hormones, genetics, and the state of your mental, emotion and spiritual well-being can directly effect your gut, inflammation, weight, energy, and so much more is key to becoming balanced. When they become aligned...we start feel better, our skin glow, our mood is pleasant, our gut is in check, pounds melt away...overall YOU become a healthier + happier woman.

How We Make It Happen

The coaching programs + services were created to help you feel your very best.

Whether that’s getting your gut back healthy, dealing with autoimmune conditions (my personal journey), weight loss or gain, getting your glow back, balancing your hormones, or establishing a healthy relationship with food (one of my fave topics)— I am here to help you.

Below are my current offerings to get you what you need. RESULTS.

The Jumpoff Coach Page Pic.jpg

The Jumpoff

10 Day Whole Body Reset

Here’s how to end to unhealthy cravings, jump start weight loss, and discover the energy you’ve been missing. You are just 10 days away from a recharged, energized, and “Feels Like New” Body!

Included in program: guidebook, goal setting + reflection, recipes, pantry prep, and more.

The Signature Coach Page Pic.jpg

The Signature

An Online Holistic Lifestyle +Fitness Training to Create Self Empowerment + Life Balance in Just 12 Months

Too often, women put themselves last and take care of everyone else and give everything. Your inner desire is to have peace of mind, be healthy and happy...and to have me time.

I am here to tell you...YOUR TIME IS NOW. this is not a diet program, it's a lifestyle. A lifestyle where you learn habits to create a healthier, happier, and fit YOU.